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Upcoming Foldable Smartphone MET X Reviwe

Upcoming Foldable Smartphone MET X Reviwe,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,tech,smartphone


One more surprise in the world of technology: Five-G Network-enabled Foldable Smartphone MET X.China’s technology maker Huawei demonstrated the Met X in the world once more.

What’s on, Smartphone MET XA:

1.7-nanometer chipset belting
2. 5000 and 4500 mAh powerful battery
3.55 Watt Super Four
4. Falcon Wing Mechanical Hing:
5.Responderable OLED panel
6. A Falcon Wing Mechanical Hing
7. The display of the smartphone is equal to 6 inches in the 6-inch display
7.Display 8-inch tablet
8. Purpose 5 decimal 4 millimeter
9. Fifa-Z is the most advanced Chipset Bailang 5000
10. Huawei’s Flagship This smartphone uses leeker cameras
11.FIFF-G Modem Chipset
12. For the first time in the world, 7 nanometer FIFA-g modem belong 5000 chipset
13. 85 percent of the charges can be charged in just 30 minutes

China’s technology maker Huawei authorities said that the size of the MET X display will be 6 inches in size. The open X 8-inch display tablet can be seen in the open.

Huawei Consumer Business Group’s Chief Executive Richard Yew said that due to the continuous hard work of Huawei Research and Development section, Huawei MET X has received a revolutionary smartphone. Yawey Mate X Five-G Foldable Access-enabled. Apart from this, it has great features with Ai, which will satisfy customers.

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