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The new film ‘The Sky Is Pink’, starring Priyanka Chopra, will be released soon.

The new film 'The Sky Is Pink', starring Priyanka Chopra, will be released soon.,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,entertainment

Many days Priyanka Chopra cannot be seen in Hindi film. She started shooting a photo before and after marriage. Those photos will be released soon. Like a Bollywood fan-viewer, he misses one. What is that

The new film ‘The Sky Is Pink’, directed by Sonali Basu, is being released soon. Priyanka Chopra is starring with the new movie ‘The Sky Is Pink’.Farhan Akhtar is acting as Priyanka Chopra’s hero in the film.

Priyanka will be acting in the life story of Aisha Chowdhury, an enthusiastic speaker. Ayesha Chowdhury has written about the life story. Ayesha died at a very young age. Also, Rohit Saraf, Jaira Wasim has also starred in this movie. Jharkhand’s photo released in 2016, ‘Gangajal’, Priyanka Chopra’s last movie. After ‘Gangajal’, ‘The Sky Is Pink’ is his new picture. Because in the same year that Priyanka was going abroad, Priyanka was going abroad.Works in a series like Quantico.

Priyanka talked about the character of ‘The Sky Is Pink’. He said, ‘This is a story about missing children’s parents with a care-free disease. How can it be celebrated from mourning in death, that can be seen in the picture? What is the actress thinking about her career? He wants to work in both the states of India or the United States for good work.

‘The Sky Is Pink’ is being released on October 11 this year. Based on the Film Fair.

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