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Kaktarua part-2 writer by Selina Hossain

Kaktarua writer by Selina Hossain,Kaktarua,Selina Hossain

I think thinking and sitting by the side. The dead snail is lying on his feet. He had to pick it up on his head and drag it on his head. Dancing, dancing and lying on the grass. Her legs are rising toward the sky. And with the hand, Rade …

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Kaktarua writer by Selina Hossain

Kakatrajya writer by Selina Hossain,Kakatrajya,Selina Hossain

Part- One At night in the day of the day, the dawl dhubala dhebale. Both of them are equal. Wanders around in the field. Wherever he goes, he does not count. To him, East-West, North-South are all equal. Think of the eyes where the eyes go, on the road for …

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