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Sania was released from the police

Sania was released from the police,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,bangladesh


Sanaai, known to be viral due to many reasons in Bangladesh. After working on several songs, the movie was added to the film. He has already signed two films. Meanwhile, Sanai finished the work of a photo called ‘Mainarika Itikatha’, and he also signed on another film opposite Zayed Khan.

On the other hand, there is no news of shooting for the film directed by Gazi Mahbub, ‘Love 24.7’. He has always discussed more his bizarre activities, as well as the music videos and movies he has been discussing.

Sanai has released objectionable videos for Facebook, YouTube and TikTok apps for a long time. On Sunday, he was called on the Minto Road police in the city’s Cyber Security and Crime Prevention Department on Sunday. Additional Deputy Commissioner of the Cyber Crime Department Nazmul Islam said in the first light that after two hours of interrogation, Sanyike was released after the interrogation.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of the Cyber Crime Department Nazmul Islam said, “Today, Sunny is called for interrogation as part of a safe Internet campaign led by Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabber. On this day, Sunny is called for interrogation. All the time, Sanai said, he will remove objectionable videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok app.

Not only that but, he also wants to apologize to the nation for his objectionable video. The Securities and Crime Prevention Division of the Security Council is closely monitoring this type of activity. If Sanai continues his activities after taking the pledge, necessary action will be taken against him.

Meanwhile, Sanai requested the stars so that they did not use Tigak and BIGO app. These apps are very harmful for young people. ‘Decision was taken from Dak, Telecommunication and Information Technology Ministry, Tikkaq and Bego apps will be closed completely.

The filmmaker Sanai said that anyone seeing my offensive video can be harmed. It was my mistake. As a citizen of this country, I want to be a good artist in this country to develop a healthy culture. I am really sorry for the personal or jointly embarrassing video or image. I’ll definitely refrain from doing such work in the future.

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