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Long tour bangladesh cricket team

Long tour bangladesh cricket team,bdnews7

Ireland and England will have to travel abroad for more than two months to Bangladesh As many as Shakib-Mushfiqqs are very professional cricketers, one can think that at a time of long tour, homelessness can sit tight.

Bangladesh will go to Ireland on 1st May. If you play the final of the tri-series, Bangladesh will reach England on 18 May. May 23 under the ICC The Bangladesh tour will end on July 5 even if the World Cup semi-final can not be held. All in all, nearly 70 days of tour. During this long tour, home seaktions are more likely to become intense. As professional as the cricketers, there is no scope for the possibility of affecting their mind. According to BCB sources, some cricketers have already proposed that they can return to England for a long time after the tour of Ireland and then return to England. If it is time to spend time in the country it will be four days.

But BCB’s thinking is that the long-awaited England-Bangladesh flight will be effective from this short-term breakthrough and whether the tourism will be reversed. Chief Executive of BCB Nizamuddin Chowdhury said, “How realistic is this, view of it. The break that is being said, after five to six days, it will be lost for two or three days. It is also a matter of seeing whether it will be more difficult than comfortable. How much work will be done to come to the country for three to four days, how much purpose will be fulfilled, all will be seen.

Nizamuddin said that BCB is not very interested in holidays for three-four days. But he is leaving the players on the issue. If there is no break at the end of the series in the World Cup Bangladesh, but what is the way to become moonlight? That’s what BCB did in the past. Can allow players to take wives and children together. Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah have played the last World Cup in the family. Other cricket boards provide tickets to family players on their travels abroad. BCB does not give it.

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