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Halo Gray – 128 GB Unlocked phone Review

Halo Gray – 128 GB Unlocked phone Review,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,

HI there, just wanted to take a minute to tell about Essential Phone in Halo Gray. This phone is the best Android phone deal around. The way the phone feels is hard to describe, it is perfect in my opinion, it feels expensive in your hand, but not too heavy, the screen is a perfect size and I haven’t had any issues with the LCD display. Are the blacks as deep as an OLED, no, but the picture is super crisp and I was shocked at how good it looked coming immediately from my Google Pixel?

Were there internal issues, yes. The camera app when it was released was awful. I say the app because it cannot be the camera, due to the promised updates that have made the phone on par with other flagships, it has truly been a pleasure to see the updates as Essential roles them out, every time I am shocked at the amount of improvement. It feels like a completely different phone today than it did at launch (in a good way)

The 360 camera has been the same way, initially it crashed constantly, didn’t take perfect or even great photos, but the updates have made a night and day difference. It is something that not everyone will use daily, but very neat for vacations and just to play around with.

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase and even more happy I made the decision since seeing all the issues the pixel 2 is having. I truly hope essential can hang on and grow into a true competitor in the market, because if this is their first attempt, look out.

Halo Gray – 128 GB Unlocked Product Feature:


Amazing design

Perfect size

Battery life

Quality of build

Promised updates have made a huge difference

Stock Android

Monochrome photos are awesome

Love the look of the screen notch

Durability (2 months without a case, several drops, and no issues)

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