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50% Off You Can Buy Vacuum Blackhead Remover

50% Off You Can Buy Vacuum Blackhead Remover



This product is so good. It does work. Removed loads of blackheads and few other breakouts. I can’t believe this thing made my nose and skin so sparkling and smooth. Very easy to use. It has four extraordinary levels, but “soft” and “simple” are enough for me. The wireless charging work is wonderful, so helpful to charge. I cracking love it!


About the product:

*Blackhead remover: Structured with the imported air pump and solid suction. It effectively cleans up the blackhead, acne. LED lighting helps you to see blackheads clearly when it’s dark.

*Adjustable blackhead vacuum: Prepared with four suction gears to adjust: Soft, Normal, Massage, Super, thus the pore cleanser is reasonable for multiple skin types.

*Intelligent memory: The blackhead remover automatically memorizes your selected gear before the shutdown, saves both time and energy. Made of PC materials, portable and compact for your convenience.

*Multi-function pore cleaner: Four probes make it deeply purify pores, remove blackheads, dead skin, oil, tighten pores, compact V-shape face, gently lift skin to increase vitality and reduce fine lines.

*Wireless charging: Charge with wireless induction, you can use for more than 20 days when fully charged. The charging indicator keeps red when charge; keeps blue when fully charged.

Discount Price:   US $36.32 /

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Buyer reviews:


*On the first juse, the motor hangs. I must tap on the side to start the motor. Now it does very well. Is very strong, I juse the soft config.

*Completely wonderful product. Did try and it worked well. Hint: I had my face steam before using, work better since it helps your pore open.

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