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Kangana Ranaut again in the discussion

Kangana Ranaut again in the discussion,bdnews7

Kangna Ranaut recently came to the discussion. The question is, why did ‘no’ say ’emi’ is the beginning of the film ‘yes’ at the beginning?

Kankana Ranaut directed and starred in the movie “Monicnika: The Queen of Jhansi”, the news of it is still old. Now, this clearer Bollywood star is busy with biopic on the legendary actress and politician Jayalaletta. In the middle of the year, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, the star said, “There is still a lot to talk about Imili. But I can say this, my affection is my godfather. And what I am today, all of that for him. I am happy to get back to the beginning. “A recent report has said that the Bollywood queen has stepped aside from Anurag Basu’s ‘Emily’ film. What could be the reason behind this? The answer to this question is that there is no trouble with the director or producer, but the Kangana now wants to manage its own biophysics. This project has left only because of this. “I am sorry to leave the work of Emily,” she told the media. But he wants to hand over his own films. And this requires a lot of time and preparation. So forced to bid farewell to Anurag Basu again. Kangana spoke to Anurag Basu about this issue. He also understood that Anurag Basu understood his point of view.

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