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Kaktarua writer by Selina Hossain

Kaktarua writer by Selina Hossain

Part- One

At night in the day of the day, the dawl dhubala dhebale. Both of them are equal. Wanders around in the field. Wherever he goes, he does not count. To him, East-West, North-South are all equal. Think of the eyes where the eyes go, on the road for him to take the road. Way to call him the way. He laughed and said, I have come here. See me See the way. See them in the field.

And in the dust of the road with the joy of the mind. What is his happiness, what tears, nobody understands? And many more. His eyes ran over everyone’s head. He looked and said, look at me. Everyone looks at him. Nobody can meet him. And so on. He does not have any pain on this day. What is the place to sleep? The store has porch; There are bushes, hats, boats, and boats. Sleeping under the boat can mean sleeping. And if you do not get anything, there is the verandah of the Kherchari house. There is door-free chuck.

Tucked down and got into the tilt. There are straw stacks in Ghost’s courtyard. No one can see the straw lying on it. Terraces can see the sky on top of the head when they wake up in the night. At the time of the departure of the shepherd, the dog lying on the side of the hay was lying beside him. Seeing him move, he laughs with a glance. Well, he takes it. And he wakes up again in deep sleep. He spent the night like this. There is no problem in the corner of the night. What has happened to all the rice? There are fruit trees, river water. Naila boar fried.

The Tea-Biscuit Alliance works in tea shops. It can eat night and eat it. Apart from this, the call was done in Kakhna-Sakhna-Ghetto house. Then rice flour with the radar pulse. Otherwise, no one would give it to Nun-Panta. In a home, rice flour bread is available with a little snail. At lunch, Pete gets rice and meat. His day goes away. I do not mind her at all. He is not afraid. Fear does not bother him. Actually, do not know what the fear is. She did not get the story of ghosts and ghosts. Nobody scared of poker.

And he grew up in his own rules. The boy who is big in his own rules does not meet with fear. Fear is left out. So the boy could look around and look around. I do not have to bother him at the corners of the corner. She is very brave. If someone asks, Where are you going, Budha? In the house What is that? And the hands turn upside down. The answer does not answer anyone. There is no room in it, there is room for it. What is it to say? Occasionally, the lecture questioned the boy’s opinion, see her.

Laughs, there is no limit to human emancipation. They chewed their chest. The song is very dear to her. Listening to songs and learning songs. Listening to songs and learning songs. You can sing once. She thinks she can do a lot of things in her life. She is a good man.


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