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There are plastics, Pulmar’s eggs.

There are plastics, Pulmar's eggs.,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,international

The North Pole is one of the world’s primitive places. Because there are very few people living there. If you go around the North Atlantic or South Pacific, keep an eye on one thing. If you look at the head, you will see some gray-colored birds circling the sky. Some of your hands might fly away far away. Birds of Northern Norman.

Scientists have recently been caught in the research, horrific information. They found plastic ingredients in the marine birds Northern Pulomar Egg. Scientists have been warned by the fact that the plastic egg is found in the egg, the harmful effect of plastic pollution has reached the Earth’s original origin.

Prince Leopold of Canada, Island Ice is located in the North Pole. Scientists collected five eggs from Northern Ireland from the island. Scientists examine that the egg has a chemical element called plastic in one of the five. And the plates are added to the plates of flexibility.

Thalasses cause chemical damage to the organism.

* Preventing normal hormone production in animals.
* There may be infertility, birth defects and many metabolic disorders in the animal.

Scientists from the Prince Leopold Island collected their eggs after the plastic extract in the Northern Fullmer Egg, and the Kateweak bird collected more eggs. The SDPA and BJDT-UV were found. These two chemical plastics are added to shine. Researchers believe that the plastic mixed with blood circulation from the stomach of the female bird. Then it went to the egg.

Lindsay Dodds, head of the United Kingdom Marine Policy, said that getting the plastic material in bird eggs, nature is full of plastics. That will ruin the environment.

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