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Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Pakistan

Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Pakistan,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,international

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad bin Salman reached Pakistan on a two-day tour. He arrived on Sunday night at Noor Khan Air Base in Rawalpindi. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Saudi Prince received the welcome of Muhammad bin Salman.

Chief of Army Staff General Kamar Javed Bazwa was also present at the airfield to greet him. 33-year-old Saudi Prince first came to Imran Khan’s house after landing on the plane. There was a reception to mark the occasion of his visit.

On the occasion of Saudi Arabia’s visit to Pakistan, a red carpet reception and guard of honor were given to Mohammad Bin Salman at the airfield. On the airplane, the Saudi Prince was honored 21 times in the honor.
Pakistani media Dawn reported that strict security measures have been taken in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities on the occasion of Saudi King’s visit. Saudi King’s first visit to Pakistan was appointed in 2017. This is the first Saudi visit to Saudi Arabia Prince after the appointment of Saudi Prince. Yuvraj’s personal security team and Saudi media representatives reached Pakistan.

In the two-day visit, the Prime Minister will also meet with other senior government officials and military leaders in addition to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, Yuvraj Bin Salman will meet Saudi merchants are going to visit 40 businessmen along with Saudi Arabia. The visit to the two countries is expected to sign a $ 10 billion investment deal.

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