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Breakeet contract, neural pressure presses

Breakeet contract, neural pressure presses,bdnews7,bdnews7.com,international


Today’s British Prime Minister Theresa May talks about neuro-pressure constriction on the broken agreement. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, told the lawmakers in parliament, “The negotiation of the broken agreement has reached the final stages. During this time, he also said that we should all neutralize pressure on the nerves. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, sought more time from lawmakers, for the desired correction of the contract.


On Wednesday, the European Union (EU) leaders were scheduled to make a statement in the parliament about the change of agreement. But today, the Prime Minister on Tuesday presented the results of the discussion in parliament one day earlier. The Prime Minister said the EU leaders did not agree to discuss the deal. But he is still optimistic to make necessary amendments to pass the Break agreement.


He also said that he had expressed the firm expectations that he would appear before the amended agreement before March 29. On March 15, it was reported that voting will be held in Parliament on the issue of approval of the Brecht Treaty, but it has now been delayed indefinitely.


The European Union (EU) hoped to go to the last moment and agree to give some relief to the agreement. Parliamentary Leader Andrew Lidmash said in an interview with BBC Radio, that they will support the agreement to correct the only one (backstep) of the agreement. Parliament leader Andria Leadmass also said a solution to backstep is urgent. He also said that keeping the ‘100 percent pure’ attitude behind backstop No.


Prime Minister Theresa May, with the change of the backstep system, as well as a few other changes

1. Workforce and worker rights
2. Environment protection and future
3. Adding the demands of anti-party groups

But with the support of a part of the opposition lawmakers, Prime Minister Theresa May, seeking the passage of the agreement. On the other hand, the UK Affairs Department said in a statement that both sides will continue the dialogue and work to find ways to move ahead.


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