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Kaktarua part-2 writer by Selina Hossain

Kaktarua writer by Selina Hossain,Kaktarua,Selina Hossain

I think thinking and sitting by the side. The dead snail is lying on his feet. He had to pick it up on his head and drag it on his head. Dancing, dancing and lying on the grass. Her legs are rising toward the sky. And with the hand, Rade hides. It is not like to think that such a fun game. He saw the snail’s Kalata with his fingers in his forehead and looked like a hat on his finger. Leah hat If the finger is a man in the old age, then there is a different hat on the man’s chest.

The man is ready to fight. The boy filled his surroundings in such a thought and then filled his mind. His days are like this. Someone has to eat Kamla, eat a cow, somebody’s boy Fish in the Gelenauca. Sell in grocery stores. Make tea in a tea shop. Take teacups in front of customers. Rinse on rice. How much more! His job is not finished. She said that she did not go crazy. Got tough To whom it is said to be stiff. Mother and father in front of your eyes, are you feeling soft when you see four brothers and sisters die? Or maybe it? His life does not go in the usual way.

There is no way to go. Pumpkin socks. And sadness is a violent way. Think of this and the inside of the brain is heard shakun’s fan flutter. The sound of thunderbolt Waking up in front of him was a terrible crooked night. What was the fad dark that night! Restful village Occasionally dog cries come in. It seems like somebody is making a braid with that word. The braid of the words spins around the chest. When suddenly Rana weeps at the corners of the house, he thinks the sky is leakage and a tremendous thunder is happening one after the other. Her father’s body was frozen inside the house. The eye glow stays frozen in the mashed. Only a single house in the house Oil is running out.

There is no keracin in the house that you can give a little oil in the kupi. Or you have to give oil to the copper, you can not even think about something that you have to bring to the aunt near the aisle house. Then it was not time to think about it. They see the mother lying on one side. Three in his chest Three years of one and a half years. Riga, the body of the peak, the body of the power. It is not that he is alive or not. And on the other side, with a hand screaming. The body has become cold. Her chest rises. Three of them were very well-groomed in the lap.

Seeing him, he used to raise his hands and he had ah words. And he could go down into the courtyard with his chest. Sleeping singing With his head on his shoulders. It was three What will he do now? Will you sing a song for three days? Three will wake up listening to music? Will raise his hand to reach his lap? The boy’s chest was empty. You can see on the floor on the other side of the house, shawl and Taleb He’s shot Both are backyards. With them, they were playing in the boy’s play and in the farewell. There was a quarrel with fruit sharing. Remembering how many days the two people are hanging in the air.

Before coming to understand something, he can see that the two brothers embraced each other. Then finish. Before the night Pahana, Binu went away. It’s just a matter of a few hours that the sky is over in the sky. Binu Ore Pithipi Bain. How much memory with her Do anything and forget about it.

Before the night Pahana, Binu went away. Just a few hours, but when? That bent is no more. The dealer’s eyes were opened. And in the eyes of those eyes are the twinkling eyes. Just like a bill has been put in his eyes. Binu smiled, the waves in the water of Bill was going on. And the whole house in front of it has stopped. Once in the night at the papaya. From morning to morning and going to the cold soul, the hardening of the accumulation means death. And may mud. She cannot start crying and crying from the bottom of her foot. Can not catch yourself.


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