What’s the reason for the BNP’s ‘fiasco’, Quader said

What's the reason for the BNP's 'fiasco', Quader said,Awami League Quader,general secretary Obaidul Quader

What's the reason for the BNP's 'fiasco', Quader said,Awami League Quader,general secretary Obaidul Quader

Awami League general secretary and road transport minister Obaidul Quader said, that the BNP leaders have been in the fray for the wrong reasons. Nomination, trade, non-payment of agents and participating in an election campaign is the main reason for this fiasco. They made various plays to question the election in the name of elections.

On Tuesday noon, the Labor Minister exchanged greetings with the journalists at the political office of Awami League President Sheikh Hasina at Dhanmondi. During this time, he mentioned several reasons for the defeat of the BNP.

Quader said

BNP candidates did not put their poster banner anywhere. They gave up before the defeat in the election. In reality, they had no preparation to participate in parliamentary elections. So their defeat in this election was inevitable. For example, said BNP leader Moudud Ahmed did not vote for his own center. Only 70 yards of the polling center from his house. Although he won his center.

There is no organizational structure of a big party like BNP

Obaidul Quader said, “I am surprised that there is no organizational structure of a big party like BNP. This election was manifested by how badly they are organizationally weak. Due to organizational weaknesses, BNP’s heavyweight candidates could not even give the agent. That is why their votes in the election resulted in such results.

When asked if the new government could be formed, the minister said, “We hope that before 10 January, the return of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman will take the oath of MPs and new ministers. Asked what will be the Awami League’s pledge in the new year, he said, “New year’s commitment is to overcome the mistakes and organizational weaknesses that we have realized through this election.

What does the general secretary of the party say about the reasons for the victory of the Awami League?

The general secretary of the Awami League’s victory said that the Awami League’s reflection on public opinion has been reflected in the national election. Obaidul Quader said that public opinion in the country was not seen any more after the election of 1970, after the election of 1970. The verdict of this election reflects public opinion like ’70 and ’54. Asked if there would be a consensus government with the Jatiya Party or whether they would remain as the opposition party, he said, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina will look at the issue while forming the government. He will decide on the matter with the Jatiya Party.

Unlike the movement of the BNP, the objective conditions are not in the country

Asked about the opposition BNP and the National Awami League to not take the oath and their movement programs, Awami League General Secretary Kader said, there is no objective condition like BNP’s movement in the country. They do not even have subjectionative professions to participate in the movement. All the sources of the movement are against them. He said BNP leaders at BNP press conference were so frustrated and upset that it seems that they broke down in the election fray. How will their employees be optimistic about the movement?

What is the capacity of movement with broken arms?

Kader said that to get the movement, consciousness is needed, and to remain with him is organizational preparations. None of the BNP and the national unity front. If this kind of capability, they would have at least one procession against the results of the election. BNP leader Khaleda Zia could not have been involved in any kind of movement despite being in jail. He said, there is no reason to think that the BNP will achieve the ability of the movement on their broken hats.

Asked about the biggest challenge before the Awami League-led grand alliance government, he said that it is a big challenge to implement the promise made by Awami League President Sheikh Hasina in the election manifesto.

We hope that they will not disrespect the public verdict, Kader

Asked about the rejection of the results of BNP and the National Opinion election, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said, “We hope they will not disrespect the verdict of the people. Because the people who have been elected have been elected by the people’s vote. He said that the BNP and the Opinion Front will always play an anti-democracy role, as the people of the country do not accept it, and other world leaders will not accept it as well. And if they (BNP) are lagging behind democracy, the country will be lagged behind.

Patients must be kept in the victory

Asked about what the party will be calling the leaders and workers, Kader said, patients must be kept in the victory. It has been instructed that if someone does not commit any kind of excess and does not do anything viciously against the opponent.

On 10 January, who announced the program to return home of Bangabandhu on 10th January, Awami League will pay tribute to the portrait of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, preserved in front of Bangabandhu Bhaban on the road of Dhanmondi 32nd morning. The same meeting will be held at 3 pm at Krishibad Institution auditorium of Farmgate.


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