Those who have lost last year

Those who have lost last year,bdnews7,bdnews7 2019

Those who have lost last year,bdnews7,bdnews7 2019





Ended in 2018 This year we have lost a lot of talented people of entertainment and culture. Their respect for them will be respected.

Amjad Hossain

Legendary filmmaker, lyricist, screenwriter, actor, and writer Amjad Hossain died on December 14th. He left his life at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. He is famous for all popular movies. Notable films made by him are Noyanamony, Pinki is now on the train, Sundari, Butcher, Alata of two paise, Burning from birth, Hira Moti, Bhat de etc. He is also famous for the Bengali film songs. One of the songs written in his writings and one of the songs of the movie is ‘Born From Jheli Mango’, ‘I am here to be loved by death’, ‘Oh my forehead is blind in the eyes of the eyes,’ ‘Someone does not talk to me in any day’, ‘Once if anyone loves’. Besides the National Film Award, he has received numerous awards including the Bangla Academy Award.

Ayub Bachchu

Ayub Bachchu, one of the Bangla Bangs and modern songs, died on October 18. This artist, who was suffering from a hemorrhage. This immortal artist of Bengali song was born in Chittagong in the sixties. In the band-life, he was also a member of Philips and Souls. Later, his band formed the LRB. His notable bands and solo albums are LRB, happiness, Ferrari mind, war, blood rose, trouble, time, never said, stories of life etc. Some of his best songs are ‘Chalo Badale Jaa’, ‘Rupali Guitar’, ‘Ferrari Maan’, ‘Many Night Now’, ‘Love to Trouble’, ‘Ullal Dev Akash’ etc.

Anwar Hossain

Famous photographers, photographer and freedom fighter Anwar Hossain died on 1 December. One of his extraordinary works is the participation of the rifles and cameras on the other hand during the War of Liberation. His remarkable work in photography and filming after independence was. He was the illustrator of all the great films of Bangladesh. One of the films Surya Dighal Houses, Emil’s Intelligence, Award, Other Life, Lal Salu etc.

Saidul Anam Tutul

Actor and editor of small and big screen and film editor Saidul Anam Tutul died on 18 December. He was the editor of many famous films of Bangladesh. Besides, he has created and played many plays in television. He created his picture. The Kalbela film was also made in government funding. He died before it ended. His accomplished films are Surya Dighal Hari, Ghuddi, Dahan, Dipu Number Two, Dukai etc.

Ali Akbar Rupu

Beginning of the year on 22 February, veteran musician and music director Ali Akbar Rupu died. Some of the famous songs and songs of this famous song music this nobleman. Among his notable songs is ‘One-day Kannar roll will fall in my house’, ‘Jare Ghar Dila Sansar Dilara Re’, ‘Daradia’, ‘Padmapatara Water Nine’, ‘Girl like poems, Story like a boy’ etc. Ali Akbar Rupu has composed and composed music for almost 25 years in popular magazines ‘etc’.

Queen Government

Rani Sarkar died on July 7 in the film. He is remembered for acting in Bengali films. His acting career started in 1958. In the beginning, the theater played theater. He made his film debut in that year with the film ‘Kick Hai’, which was directed by A.J. He then starred in the Hindi film Kunda directed by Ehteshamur Rahman. Afterward, he played the central female role in the Urdu film Taal and Bangla Chhaybali New Sur. Two of these pictures are quite popular. In the sixties, seventies, and eighties of the last century, he played more role in the film. In 2016, he was given the lifetime achievement award for National Film Award for his contribution to Bengali film.


This year, we have lost some stars including Bollywood, Hollywood. Notable among them are singer Artea Franklin, Bollywood actress Sridevi, comic superhero creator Stan Lee, DJ, and musician Avila, Hollywood actor Bert Reynolds, director Bernardo Bertolucci.


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