Not shooting without the agreement.

Not shooting without the agreement.artist news,artist news 2018,artist news bd,bdnes7,

Not shooting without the agreement.artist news,artist news 2018,artist news bd,bdnes7,

The initiative was taken almost a year and a half ago. But it has not been implemented. Now, six organizations involved in the creation of television dramas have taken the initiative to implement the thriller. From January 1 onwards, the signing of the contract will only be made if the television play is being produced. The six organizations that finalized the signing of the agreements are Director’s Guild, Television Program Producers Association of Bangladesh, Acting Artist Association, Television Playwriters Association, Cameraman Association, and Television Media Makeup Artists Association.

Six organizations’ decision

However, before the decision of six organizations, on July 7, 2010, signed a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Director’s Guild, Television Program Producers Association of Bangladesh and Acting Artists Association. It was said, from that time, the signing of the agreement will be signed and the rules will be shooting. But it has not happened in the last one and a half years.

What did the president say actor Saladin Lavlu?

Now the initiative has been taken to implement the implementation. Asked how much will it be fruitful – Director’s Guild’s new president, Salahuddin Lavlu, said, “We have realized the importance of working with each organization to fulfill the agreement. Therefore, the final decision has now been taken. Wherever the shooting will take place from January 1, the agreement will be in line with the agreement. He said three organizations have been associated with it earlier but three other organizations have been associated with it. So it will be easy to implement.

What was the old contract?

In the old contract, there were 42 sections, the short version was given in the new agreement – said the acting artist Sangha’s general secretary Ahsan Habib Nasim. He stated, “We stepped up one and a half years prior however we couldn’t actualize it. However, presently we have taken a wide range of activities to execute. If someone builds without signing the agreement, then he will not take any liability organization. ‘

In the contract, there are places of drama, story writer, screenwriter, director, producer, drama type, manuscript scheduling, shooting schedules, duration of the contract document, shooting location, shooting time, honorary steps, as well as places of first and second parties and witnesses to sign.

What is Lavlu and Habib as both an initiative to sign the agreements?

Both Lavlu and Habib, as an initiative to sign the agreements, told that all members of the organization have already been informed. All printed copies of the contract documents have been sent to all the production companies, shipping, and all related offices. Them two stated, “We have made everybody keen on consenting to the arrangements. Presently hanging tight for the new year.

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