At Now the turn of the vote.

At Now the turn of the vote.,bdelection,bdelection2018,bdnews7,election2018

At Now the turn of the vote.,bdelection,bdelection2018,bdnews7,election2018

Elections and public relations in the eleventh parliamentary elections have ended. Now waiting for the votes. 30th December, the voting will be held in 299 seats of the 11th Parliament. About 10 crore 42 lakh voters of these seats are waiting to vote in this election. Polls will be held continuously from 8am to 4pm this morning.

Gaibandha-3 constituency vote is not being held for the death of BNP nominated candidate TI Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury. This constituency will be held on 27 January.

Promotion of last days voting

Today’s poll ends on Friday at 8am. Promoting the last moment of the vote is going on. Alongside the law enforcement agencies across the country, the armed forces are also in the field. In the meantime, sending election material started. Law enforcers are cautious about the road, highway.

39 political parties participating.

In this year’s election, 39 political parties, including the ruling Awami League and BNP, are participating. Awami League alliance formed around the election grand alliance grand alliance In this alliance, there are more parties like the opposition party, the Jatiya Party and the ruling party in the current parliament. BNP-led national unity front Kamal Hossain’s Ganoformam, LDP, JSD and unregistered Jamaat-e-Islami and civil unity.

What is KM Nurul Huda repeatedly saying?

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda has repeatedly said that equal opportunity has been created for all in the elections. Selection will be free, fair and acceptable. However, during the campaigning of this election, there have been incidents of violence in half the seats of the country. 13 MPs of anti-government parties were victims of the attack. There are more than 100 cases of violence in the election campaign.

So far, the electoral alliance is in a favorable position in the election. They campaigned in the election unnecessarily. Until the last moment, their candidates were in the publicity of the promotional songs and singing in the whole country. There is no such allegation on the basis of their election. The main ally of the alliance, Awami League, is contesting 259 seats. The rest of the seats are the cadres.

In the case of the plighted camp candidates.

Contrary to the ruling, candidates of opposition camp candidates in the country are not seen much. Their procession was not visible to the rally. Contrary to the opponent’s attack, the party’s candidate and activists are plagued by the case. There are allegations, on the polling day, the group’s agents are being arrested by listing the electors for their duties.

Those who have been victims of the attack.

Hundreds of candidates of the BNP and their allies have been attacked by the opposition since the election started on December 10. Of these, 13 were injured physically. The most notable candidates are: Gayeshwar Chandra Roy of Dhaka-3, Salahuddin Ahmed of Dhaka-4 constituency, Subrata Chowdhury of the Dhaka-6 constituency, Mirza Abbas of Dhaka-8 constituency, Afroza Abbas of Dhaka-9 constituency, Mahbub Uddin of Noakhali-1 constituency, Habibur Rahman Habib of Pabna-4 constituency

So far, due to legal complications, 21 candidates of BNP cannot participate in the election. However, until the start of the polling, the number may increase further, may decrease.

The BNP has been complaining since the beginning that the field administration is working for the government, especially the police and public administration departments. But the EC did not take their complaints in a single time. They took responsibility for the transfer of two Deputy Commissioners (Natore and Gaibandha), a Superintendent of Police (Narayanganj), a Police Commissioner (Khulna), an Additional Deputy Commissioner (Faridpur) and some Upazila Executive Officers and Acting Police Officer.

According to sources in the law branch of EC.

According to sources in the EC branch, some complaints of BNP were sent to the election committee, but the committee did not verify the allegations after investigating it. Although some of these allegations were provided specific evidence materials from BNP.

With regards to these allegations, with the CEC KM Nurul Huda on Tuesday. Kamal Hossain’s heated sentence is exchanged. On this day the leaders of the united front demanded the withdrawal of four police officers. These four officials are a sub-inspector of Keraniganj, an OC of DB Police in Dhaka and Muradnagar and OC of Nangalkot Police Station in Comilla. But after getting no assurance from the CEC, the leaders of the united front left the meeting without submitting the charge sheet. On the same day, UCF Chief CE KM Nurul Huda demanded the resignation. Since this incident, there is no charge against the united front EC. But till then, there were almost daily visits of BNP leaders to the EC.

Asked about the overall situation of the elections, former Election Commissioner M Sakhawat Hossain said in the first light, the EC could not create equal opportunities for all in the election. But there is still time, EC should treat everyone equally. CEC with Dr. Regarding the exchange of heated sentences of Kamal, the former commissioner said, “It is tragic. But the BNP will have to go to the regular EC to stay in the race.

More info on the vote.

In the current elections, the total number of voters in the 300 seats is 10 crore 42 lakh 38 thousand 673. Among them, 5 crore 16 lakh 66 thousand 311 women and 5 crores 25 lakh 72 thousand 362 voters. In the election, 40 thousand 183 presiding officers, 1,95,316 assistant presiding officers, and 3,90,63,572 polling officers will be in the election.

Elections will be held in EVM for the first time in 6 constituencies. These seats are – Rangpur-3, Khulna-2, Satkhira-2, Dhaka-6, and 13 and Chittagong-9. The number of voters in these seats is 21 lakh 24 thousand 554. The number of polling centers is 845 and the number of rooms is 5, 38.

Outside, 122 election committee formed in coordination with 244 people for investigation irregularities. 640 judicial magistrates and 652 executive magistrates have been appointed to carry out the immediate trial of election offenders.

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