Amir Khan will marry third?

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aamir khan news, aamir khan actor news, aamir khan mahabharat

‘One to Kaa Four’, ‘Taan’, ‘Bitu Boss’, ‘Akash Bani’ Works in Tamil and Telugu films too. But in the front row, he got the chance to work in ‘Dangal’ movie. His character’s name in this movie was ‘Gita Fogat’. It is heard that Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Sheikh have been close to working in this film.


What has been indicated by Salman Khan?

After finishing the work of ‘Dangl’, Aamir Khan did the job of assistant director in Fatima Sana Sheikh in his production house. Many people think that due to joining this organization, Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Sheikh get some time to stay close. Sania Malhotra, another heroine of the film ‘Dangal’. In the film he was ‘Babita Fogat’. He gave him a job in the same institution. In addition to work, Aamir Khan took Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sania Malhotra along with various programs. It is heard that Aamir Khan would like to take Fatima along with him. Take Sania, so that no one can doubt about it.

What does Aamir Khan actually want?

There was no reason to get the opportunity of Fatima Sana Sheikh in the film ‘Thagas of Hindustan’. It is known from various media that, at the request of Aamir Khan, he was taken to the film. Since Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan are both in this film, the picture on this is done by Yash Raj Films. In all, it was a huge opportunity for Fatima Sana Sheikh to build his own career. It is heard that Aamir Khan went to regular gym in Mumbai, where Fatima Sana Sheikh was doing the exercises there. Amir Khan himself has arranged this arrangement for him. It is also heard that, after the ‘Dangal’ photo, Amir Khan went to the United States to lose weight. Fatima Sana Sheikh also accompanied him.

At whose request Fatima Sana Sheikh was taken to the film.

When all these things are being circulated in the press, Kiran Rao is standing beside her husband. She told the press that Fatima Sana Sheikh has got the chance in ‘Thagas of Hindustan’ because producer Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya wanted him. And what is being heard is all these rumors. There is no reason to doubt that. And he said about his own conjugal relation, ‘Our relationship is strong enough. It is so strong that no storm can weaken it. ‘

What did Kiran Rao say about her husband?

Kiran Rao’s attempt to protect the clean image of her husband seems ridiculous to many. Because they have many examples in front of them. Amir Khan had married Kirana Rao after she got married with Rina Dutt. Shahrukh Khan starred in the film ‘Dore’. But Amir Khan was supposed to star in this film. Contrary to him, Divya Bharati was present. At that time, the love of Amir Khan with Juhi Chawla was the face of everyone. She then pressed Yash Raj Films to replace Juhi Chawla in ‘Dore’ instead of ‘Dibya Bharati’. Later, Aamir Khan was excluded from the picture. During the work of ‘Gulam’, Aamir Khan’s love for British journalist Jessica Hain was also heard. Jessica Hain then claimed, her father’s father Amir. However, after that the claim was blown by Aamir Khan.

Kiran Rao’s attempt failed.

Fatima Sana Sheikh, Fatima Sana Sheikh, is now so excited about who has opened her mouth. He stated, “When this is written in the papers, the mother came and asked me, what is this? This is awkward for me and my family.”He further said, ‘Aamir Khan is very special to me. These rubbing will not affect it. At one time it was a wish to protest these falsehood, and now I do not care about these things anymore.

Mashrafe in the interview: I am not yet a full political man.

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