Mashrafe in the interview: I am not yet a full political man.

Mashrafe in the interview: I am not yet a full political man,Mashrafe news,Mashrafe election,bdnews7

Mashrafe in the interview: I am not yet a full political man,Mashrafe news,Mashrafe election,bdnews7


Mashrafe Bin Mortaza does not find much difference between the playground and the field of politics. A little bit of a matter of political speech. Mashrafi was found busy with election campaign on Sunday night at 10 pm.




# When Saturday came to Narail from Dhaka, thousands of people crowded. Before you came to Narail. But I have heard that there was not so much crowd to see you. What is the difference between coming to Narail and coming?

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza: A completely new experience. As a player, I have just added a new identity by the name. That’s why it looks like another. And as you add new identity, the new experience will be as much. This new experience is certainly great. The human love so much is increasing my responsibility.

# He said responsibility, a captain in the cricket field is responsible for taking the whole eleven bracket on his own shoulder. What are your duties in the field of politics?

Mashrafe: I can not say the responsibility before the election. I mean, everybody’s expectation is very much for me.

# You have come to politics about star contact. During voting, voters have to pay more time to get the cellphone-photo uploads. Other leaders may not have to go through this experience. How does it feel?

Mashrafe: I am not yet a full political man. On the day that the game is completely abandoned, it may be possible to introduce himself as a politician. There is no chance of being fully politician before that. Because I have written a name in politics, you are calling me a politician. And while watching this vote, taking so much selfie-photographs, I used to get used to it a lot. As a result, I am not very worried or worried about this.

# You have to mix in different classes, different occupations, different ages, people with different types of people, you have to rotate day and night. Fatigue is not coming?

Mashrafe: This is my old habit. I’m not touching any fatigue. Now maybe there is a large scale. But when I came to the area, I still got mixed in this way. But this is going to be mixed in a much larger range.

# Before the elections, all the candidates are making many promises to the voters. What kind of promises are you giving?

Mashrafe: I do not want to tell them in the press before the election. Not only that, we need development in all sectors of Narail. Some people go ahead with one’s dream. It’s not right to give all the promises right now. Over time, I can understand what to do.

# What is the basic difference between the captaincy of the cricket field and the leadership of the field of politics?

Mashrafe: It does not seem like anything. I want to stay here now. After the nomination of the Honorable Prime Minister, the importance of presenting the importance that I have given in my life in the last 45 days. I’m telling myself, that’s just what’s coming now. Earlier, I was busy playing the game. Then you (the press) said that I was surrounded by a lot of emotional pressure. I did not even think of it for a while. I have given importance to the present. When I was in the game, I did not even think about the selection for a while. Not even for a second. When the game was over, at that time, if the series did not win, I had to pay attention. (One Day International against the West Indies), who has won the series, can work with joy.

# What is the hardest thing to do on these two days of the election campaign?

Mashrafe: So far the challenge has not come. There seems to be no challenge yet. Yes, it will just go to 5 days in 20 unions. Still have been able to go to 3 I’m trying as far as I can. I have already apologized to all. Since I was being treated I could not even come to the area without treatment. Again I have to play again. That is also important to me. Yes, it is challenging on one hand that I have to finish the campaign in 5 days. You will no longer be able to run the campaign after the 27th. I’m trying my best.

# Have you met with people who are going to fight in the field?

Mashrafe: No, I did not really meet with them. But I think the opponent weakest is the most futile, whatever he is. I have all my respect and respect for the rivals. Trying to make sure that my opponents are not physically-physically depressed. At the same time, I do not think their weak opponents.

There are 3,78,78,122 voters in Narail-2 constituency. Not everyone will be the Awami League supporter. What are your thoughts on anti-mentality voters?

Mashrafe: I have said one thing to all, I am selecting a boat symbol. But there was a message to all, irrespective of the group-wise, Narail needs to work. People in the area want to serve a little. If everyone cooperates with me regardless of the group-wise, we will have the opportunity to work in large numbers in Narail. I have no chance to tell them more than that. But I said, at the end of the day if I think you have my acceptance, then consider me. Only if everyone supports me, I can do a good job.

# There is a cost-expenditure in the election campaign. I have not yet spent more than 10 thousand to the campaign! How is this possible?

Mashrafe: Really, I did not spend single money on an election campaign. Will not do The Honorable Prime Minister knows, the district Awami League also matters. Because I’m not spending any money, I came to work for them. I have not been able to do anything about money. I want to work for them, I have come here.

# Talking to Narail people, it was understood that they just want to see you as a parliamentarian, as a future minister. What is your goal?

Mashrafe: It is the decision of Honorable Prime Minister. You have to win first. I want to stay in the present. And I do not dream anymore. At the moment, my dream is one, working with all the problems that Narail has.

Will all the activities of politician Mashrafe be held in Narail? Are you a sportsperson, do not want to contribute to the national sport?

Mashrafe: If my work is good for all the people of Bangladesh, but everyone from their places will be motivated to do something good. All of our country’s politicians look fine. It is very important for young people to be well-educated in public service. The young generation can not, others can not. The way I want to play in the game, I will try to do the job. My blood relation with the game. I’ll be with them as I like in the games. Even after 30 years of my political career, it will not have any relation to it. I want to play sports people, always have relationships with the game.

# When you wrote a name in politics, you seemed to be under great pressure. Have to listen to positive-negative things. Now it looks like a lot has come out of that pressure. How is it possible?

Mashrafe: There will be people with very natural, different ideologies. Since our country is soaked in mud in politics, people are less respected than the political people. Giving less respect for different reasons. But in the end, the benefits of the political people who have to take advantage of it. The less, the more it is, the fruits of their work are to be enjoyed. People of different ideology in Bangladesh, the number is a little more. The party is the one, the country is everyone. I have come up with a theme in politics, I do not want to fight with rivalry, rivalry, fights.

I want to work for children in this area, area. This is limited to my goal. Those outside my area, who believe in other ideology, they are showing the reaction. What to do, this is our culture When I came to politics, my mind is now even stronger. The people who are in trouble, are underprivileged, the only way to get to them is to come to politics. How much can you do? I am cursing it in the air-conditioned room, comfortable environment, blowing it up. But brother came to the field. See the reality. See, thousands of people are underprivileged. The question was asked, I did not move, it became more difficult. My people who are underprivileged, hard-pressed, are my strengths. It seemed to me the best way to stand beside them.

# You are a popular personality, big star. There is no political identity in the past, your image is different from other people. Many people interested in you Are you confident that you will win huge elections in the upcoming elections?

Mashrafe: I never complain about my self. Has never worked in cricket That habit remains. Keeping in mind what I have done in today’s match, I did not go to play in the next match. There is no chance of being content in the political field. I hope the competition will be tough competition. As already mentioned, there is no chance for the opponent to feel weak.

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