Bangladesh is now the story of success.

Destiny changes if boat votes: Sheikh Hasina,bdnews7,Sheikh Hasina news

Bangladesh is now the story of success,bdnews,bdnews7,Nikkinews


Bangladesh is a story of success in the eyes of Japan’s Nikki Asian Reviewer. The magazine says that Bangladesh is progressing without significant international attention. The country’s largest garment exporter after China is the world’s largest exporter. The economy of Bangladesh is growing at more than 6 percent for almost a decade. After 2009, the per capita income has been tripled.

Nikki’s report was published on Wednesday. Its title, “The Rise and Rise of Bangladesh: The Economy Is Wooing, Das Sheikh Hasina Deserves the Credit. It means Bangladesh is going forward. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina can expect credit?

Nikki Incorporation is a publishing company in Japan. Nikki magazine has been publishing for 140 years. The same group’s English-language business-related journal Nikki Asian reviews. They say the original report or a cover story of the report published in the Nikki Asian Review of Bangladesh. The report goes on to promote Bangladesh in various fields, apart from clothing, other sectors, large projects, the establishment of economic zones and investment of China. The upcoming elections and political issues have also been highlighted.

Nikkei  also reports

According to the Nikkei report, after the independence, people knew Bangladesh as a poor and disaster-prone country. Now, to cope with Bangladesh, one of the biggest crises in the world, the Rohingyas fleeing from Myanmar. After all, Bangladesh does not stop. At the beginning of this year, Bangladesh has celebrated a centrifuge. The United Nations has achieved the merit of being elevated to developing countries in the UN standard.

Nikki says, achieving the eligibility of developing countries for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a great achievement for the country’s image. In an interview with Nikki, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘It has given us self-confidence. Self-power is not only for the political leaders but also for the people.

It is mention in the report that the criticism that authoritarian rule in Bangladesh is increasing at local and international level – it scuttled Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Talking to NICCI reporter at Ganabhaban.Ganabhaban said I am committed to protecting democracy in Bangladesh.

Nikki’s reporter felt that for the sake of stability, a large part of the businessmen of Bangladesh was for the government. In the interview with the newspaper, some executive and political analysts of the business have rejected the possibility of being behind the economy due to political unrest. BGMEA vice-president Faruk Hasan said, “We feel comfortable that all parties are participating in the elections. We know that economics cannot proceed without political stability. Yet we are optimistic, we can put the economy out of disagreement.

The Nikkei report also comes in the context of infrastructure deficits in many contexts.

It is said in the report that lack of infrastructure is one of the weakest in Bangladesh. In this case, the country is seeking Chinese assistance. Under the initiative of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, China has invested in several big projects in Bangladesh. The country has pledged $ 3,800 billion of loan and investment to Bangladesh. Nikki says there is criticism about China’s big investment. However, the local economists refused to deny that Bangladesh could fall in debt and diplomacy like China and Sri Lanka.

Fayez Sobhan, Senior Research Director of Bangladesh Institute Institute, said, “I do not think Bangladesh is as much concerned with China as much as it has been in Sri Lanka or Pakistan. Bangladesh is also investing in infrastructure from Japan.

Two information is mention at the end of the report. The first is that Chinese investors have owned 25 percent of the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Secondly, Bangladesh is now the second largest Chinese military equipment importer after Pakistan. Nikki said that when many people are questioning about so much investment from Beijing. Sheikh Hasina said China wants to play a big role in this region. It’s nothing more than that. The Prime Minister said, “Our foreign policy is absolutely clear, friendship with everyone. What is the US and China doing, it is their case?


Destiny changes if boat votes: Sheikh Hasina

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