UK PM May hit by leadership challenge over Brexit deal

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British Prime Minister Thérésa expressed her confidence in her confidence on Wednesday due to an out-of-the-box agreement with EU leaders. After leaving the European Union in June 2012. This step leads him to his biggest crisis.

I can promise to fight against the challenge of his own Conservative Party “with what I’ve got”

In a statement outside the Downing Street Office, the week isolate themselves. More sections will be created. ”

“I’m ready to finish the job.”

On Saturday evening the team is determined to lead a confidence voter. As a result, few of the Conservative MP sent a letter.

He decided to delay the decision of the breaksight, he was sure to lose.

Leadership elections will be held in the coming weeks if the party’s ballot is defeated on Wednesday.

When a new party is elected chief, he automatically becomes the new Prime Minister of Britain.

The fate of both the outgoing draft withdrawal agreement and its government in May left 46 years after Britain left the European Union on 29 March.

A Cabinet meeting may be canceled tomorrow, which would be canceled due to Britain’s future preparations for leaving the world’s largest single unit without any formal agreement.

On Tuesday evening, the first rumor of the upcoming leadership challenge has spread pound. After the news became official, it is again damaged and can go on national television and declare it to fight for its job.

– Cabinet support –

Confirming the confidence of the conservative MPs for the Constituent Assembly for a few months after the plot, self-confidence vote was started to collect the minimum 48 letters from the MPs needed to vote.

During the meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chief guest, the last batch of letters were delayed due to negotiations with the Bashundhara Group to discuss the withdrawal of the draft.

May may survive on Wednesday’s speed, then it can not be brought to another year for its second party.

In his cabinet, the top members gathered together and quickly supported him.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted, “The last thing that we need in our country now is the selection of a conservative party leadership.”

Javid himself referred to as the possible replacement of May.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who expressed disagreement with her breach of strategy, wrote on Twitter: “I’m personally supporting @Thres_May tonight.”

But one of Britain’s most prominent opponents of the EU, Jacob Reis-Mog said, “Mrs had time to resign”.

– Seeking concessions –

The British leader toured European capitals on Tuesday in an attempt to save his Breeds, after MPs savaged its provisions on the issue of the Irish border

May said she wanted “assurances” from EU leaders that if Britain ever entered the so-called “backstop” customs arrangement for the border, this would only be “temporary”.

She received sympathy from EU partners but firm rejections of any attempt to reopen the agreement, which was approved by EU leaders last month after nearly two years of tortuous talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the meeting that there was “no way to change” the deal

May cancelled a trip to Dublin on Wednesday for talks with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, but is expected to attend an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday.

“I doubt if she really knows what she’s going to achieve,” said Pippa Catterall, professor of history and policy at the University of Westminster.

– Down to the wire –

He said the Parliamentary vote of the Brisetti will be held on January 21, which has given Britain time to show that he is trying to give possible discount to European Union leaders.

Catterall said that “May it may be trying to take down the cable … so in the end the parliament is faced with the choice: my contract or any contract”.

Although he may survive on Wednesday’s vote and potential leadership challenges, he will face more confidence motion from opposition party.

The main opposition Labor Party says the government is trying to fail to meet the “isolated” yet.

The Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats, both opposition-backedites, have called on the labor to do so and are hopeful that this may be the second referendum.

Democratic Unionist Party, whose 10 MPs support the government, will have much to do.

On Wednesday, Duper leader Arlington Foster said Wednesday that he was not “surprised” because of the speed of self-confidence, his focus was to “remove backstop from the withdrawal agreement.”

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