Jessore gets its first day of election campaign

bd election, news,jessore election
bd election, news,jessore election
Jessore gets its first day of election campaign

After getting the symbol, the ruling Awami League has fallen into the war. The party has started the formal campaign. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will formally launch her party campaign from Tungipara tomorrow on Wednesday.

The party thinks that it is part of the central strategy to keep the candidates’ candidates in this way. Initiatives will be taken to disable the candidate if the candidate is prevented from contesting the grand alliance. But if this strategy fails in any way, it may be worth the price, there is a danger.

On the other hand, the 14-party and responsible sources of Japan say that the seat agreement cannot be of much benefit, it was already in the idea. Sailors have given their own symbol to defend their party leaders and workers.  That is why they gave the candidates of 148 seats outside the compromise of Awami League’s green signal.

But Japan claims they have got 29 seats through negotiations. But in the analysis of the candidates of Awami League and Japan, it has been found that the JP actually got 26 seats.

The Awami League, 14 parties and the policy formulas of Japan have said that the opposition can declare the boycott of the opposition before the election before the voting ends or the campaign for the withdrawal of nomination. For this, the alliance partners and the Allies agree to nominate candidates in their own way. Apart from this, there was a plan to ensure more candidates, more party participation in this election. That’s why the Awami League has not discouraged the alliance partner and the huge candidate for Japan. The candidates who have the opportunity to give as many agents as possible.

Awami League’s policymakers believe that those who are candidates of their 14-party alliance partners will not be able to influence the victory of the Awami League candidates. The main problem may be Japa. In this case, some seats in North Bengal have been created at risk. Prior to the election, efforts will be made to disable the tough candidates of Japan and alliance locally. If necessary, central initiative will also be taken.

One of the Awami League central leaders said in the first light that at least 20 seats in North Bengal could become a challenge. Japan candidates have the power to damage Awami League in more than 10-15 seats across the country. If everything does not happen, then the party may suffer from the Awami League and other allies of the alliance. The leader said, Ershad is difficult to understand beforehand. It is not known when to do.

Analysis of past election results showed that Hafiz Uddin Ahmed of the Thakurgaon-3 constituency defeated BNP candidate by 1,03 thousand votes as a candidate for the grand alliance in the 2008 election. Workers Party’s Yasin Ali got the grand alliance nomination for the seat. Hafiz Ahmed voted a symbol of Tillong. Jafar Iqbal Siddiqui of Japan won the Nilphamari-1 seat in the election as a candidate for the grand alliance, defeating BNP’s candidate by two lakh votes. Now Awami League has nominated Aftab Uddin Sarkar of his own party. Zafar Iqbal Siddiqui is also taking a plow. In the 2008 election, Anisul Islam Mondol of Japan lost the BNP candidate by 1 lakh 30 thousand votes in the Rangpur-2 seat. Now Awami League candidate Abul Kalam Mohammad Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury is in the seat. Asaduzzaman Chowdhury of Tangail candidate of Japan. Anisul Islam Mondol has also been an independent candidate.

There are reasons for Awami League’s fear in Kurigram-1 constituency. Here in 2008, AKM Mostafizur Rahman of Japan won two lakh votes as the candidate for the Grand Alliance. Now the candidate of Aaslam Hossain Sodagar Awami League. Mostafizur Rahman is the candidate of Japa.

Confused Japa wants to organize


In the process, the Awami League did not have any faith-disbelief with HM Ershad in the process of non-alliance with the alliance, seat negotiation, participation in the vote. During the entire process of nomination, selection and withdrawal process, Ershad was in sickness and went to CMH Hospital and home.  For this reason, there is a doubt about the incident of going to the hospital-home. After the withdrawal of nomination papers yesterday, Ershad went to Singapore for treatment at night.

Japa sources said, this year’s election, the party’s chairman Ershad, the party’s former secretary-general Ruhul Amin Howlader, and the senior leaders of a kind of co-ordination arise.  The next day again Ershad gave Hawladar a special assistant.


There was no meeting of Jatiya Party’s party-level formal negotiations with Awami League.  But there are Awami League candidates in these three seats. Awami League candidate from Tangail-5 constituency last night. On the other hand, Japa said that, out of the compromise, 132 seats have been given their own candidates.  As a result, they have 148 seats out of compromise.


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