How Donald Trump will live?

donald trump news,donald trump latest news,donald trump articles
donald trump news,donald trump latest news,donald trump articles
How Donald Trump will live?


In his latest document given to Robert Muller’s Court, Special Counsel investigated with Russia. Accusing President Donald Trump of breaking the election law. The identity of the trump is ‘individual one’, in simple words, the first accused. It has been specifically stated. Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen has given money to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Lorraine McDougall.He was breaking the election law by his direction. The purpose was to keep their mouths closed before the elections.

Now Trump’s own judiciary has identified Trump as a ‘criminal’ in their document. Then it will be impossible for the Democrats to avoid the allegation of congress in the next Congress.

The trump has given the verdict itself by saying itself above all faults, but most lawyers say different things. Democrat Congress members, who will take control of the delegation from next month, have a different opinion. Jared Nedler, who will lead the judicial committee in the next Congress, has informed that he has a view to investigating the matter. In his words, the goal of investigating the magicals so long was to interfere with Russia and to obstruct justice process. But now the original document raised by Müller is clearly the main goal of this investigation, how Trump and his associates try to buy money exchange for the 2016 election. “This President was at the center of a huge fraud against the American people,” said Nadler.

The trump that violated the election law, the lawyers of the trumpet agree not to agree. Rudi Juliani said that the money that Trump gave to two women. He was not done  for the election. A responsible public prosecutor will not agree to make such allegations. Less loyal Republicans have little disagreement with Juliani. Senator Rand Paul says this is not such a big betrayal. If this is called breaking the electoral law. Then such allegations can rise against many others. It can be seen, to pick up the thugs to get ready to burst. Senator Marco Rubio has said the same thing.

Not just breaking the electoral law, other dangers are also waiting for the trump, Has also raised the issue of his business relationship with Russia. In Moscow, he was ready to make a hotel in Russian finance. During the election campaign, he left the talk. Because, he believed that he would not win, but as presidential candidate, his importance to the Russians would increase. Cohen said that he also thought of giving a flat of $ 50 million to the Russian president’s favor. Cohen also said that he had received the promise that he would help Trump get political and financial benefits.

One thing is clear. Though criminals are guilty of multiple crimes.  Based on the report, the Congress may arrange an impeachment against the trump. There is full control of the Republicans.

If you do not do the crime to avoid leaks of the law?  The day after he will lose power, the judiciary will accuse him of accusing him of the next day. “CLICK HERE” to  more Article

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