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First lesson Rainfall

Do you want to write in a day?  This morning I got up and saw that the entire sky was filled with rainy eyes on the far side. Wearing continuous and continuous rain stream over the head. This part is so delicate that the eyes cannot be avoided. But it is not so thick that it will not be seen in the eye.


A word coming in the ear. Sometimes it seems that there is a sharp edge of the river’s pencil. Actually, it’s together and both. On the day the man becomes unconcerned because of all his heart and his ears come in the ears. The eyes of our eyes in the light of the eyes of the eyes of the rainy season, in the eyes of our eyes, the opaque blurred molasses that the Bengali mother knows. Today’s sky looks like a rainbow of birds in the shadow, the rain has overturned him, so his touch is so soft to our eyes, so Moldavian.


Then I see that the trees and the grass-roots are all moving in a new life. The coconut trees are standing all the while standing in joy.

Choking each other, sometimes or with the touch of the wind, it has a stuck shape that looks like the tree is drinking flat water in all the letters And this whimsical wind will be happy once again for 5 minutes by spraying the sapling and spreading the mainstream again

Then again he returned and ran for a moment and was still running away by touching him,
she should know that whatever touching her life is in her breath, she will shake her first.then be relieved, then shake his head. Then touch the hands and leg.pulka will play on the water.

I am watching this hideous game of rain and rain with the help of the tree, and listening to the ear. I do not have any idea in my mind anymore,
There is only a feeling that has no clear form, no specific name. What is the time to write? If he goes, he is not poetry.


Second lesson  Rainfall



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